Abortion support servicesYou will need to be counselled by our doctors to discuss options for an unplanned pregnancy, or you can see your own doctor who will go through your options with you. These include continuing with the pregnancy ( we also offer shared care for antenatal visits for pregnant women) , have the baby and foster/adopt it out, or to terminate the pregnancy. Only you can decide what is right for you, and we will not try to persuade you one way of the other. We do offer surgical termination if the pregnancy is less than 20 weeks, or medical termination (9 weeks or less). If, having consulted with one of our doctors, you still need more time to talk and think about the best course of action, we can arrange for you to see our own specially trained counselor, or another of your choice,  to help you further  in your decision making (Medicare rebates available).

After you have been counseled regarding your choices and you decide to go ahead with a medical or surgical termination of pregnancy at our clinic, we are proud to offer you the best possible medical and nursing care, in a completely non judgmental manner. We understand how hard it is to make the decision to terminate a pregnancy, but having made that decision, we are here to give you the best possible care. Our clinic is small, discrete, comfortable and staffed by highly experienced medical professionals, who have been expertly trained to provide these services.

At approximately 2 weeks after having had a termination, you should have a check up to make sure that you are recovering physically and emotionally, and to ensure that you are happy with your chosen form of contraception, and answer any questions that you may have.  If you have had a medical termination of pregnancy, it is extremely important that you attend for follow up at approximately 2-3 weeks having had a medical termination of pregnancy. We will scan you at this time and undertake a urinary pregnancy test.  The 2 week check consultation for either surgical or medical termination is bulk billed, (i.e. no payment required if you have a Medicare card) or free of charge for non-Medicare card holders. We do not offer medical termination of pregnancy to women who do not have a Medicare card but we will happily refer you to other clinics who can help you, if you do not have Medicare cover.